HUCAMA Factors is a comprehensive assessment suite that enables the prediction and development of job performance as well as success at work. These assessments are appropriate for all organizational levels and can be used in both recruitment and development contexts.

Underpinned by the Big 5 & the internationally recognized Great 8 Competency model, these assessments work at any level of application. Whether your focus is individuals, teams or an organization wide solution, this fully scalable suite is one of the core toolkits recommended for Lauriate’s team focused recruitment, coaching & leadership development solutions.

The HUCAMA Factors suite includes structurally aligned personality and competency questionnaires for general, professional and executive roles, as well as an ability test for universal use.

HUCAMA Factors includes:

HUCAMA Ability Factors

HUCAMA Personality Factors

HUCAMA Competency Factors

Certification to use HUCAMA Factors

We offer online and Face-to-Face workshops for experienced psychometric test users. These workshops are for registered psychologists in Australia and other experienced users of psychometric assessments in organizations.

NB: BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability & Personality [or equivalent] is the key pre-requisite for coaches, HR practitioners and leaders registering from the UK.

Our training involves the following steps:

  • Registration – you will be given your login details to begin the certification process.
  • HUCAMA Factors assessments– you will be sent a link to complete each of the HUCAMA Factor assessments online before attending the live training sessions.
  • Virtual Transfer Workshop– you will attend workshop which cover all 3 assessments and provide an overview of the HUCAMA model, this involves working with reports, group discussions and feedback practice.

Attaining HUCAMA Certification pre-requisites

If you are not a registered psychologist or qualified as a BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability & Personality, contact us to explore options for assessment of equivalence for your country or region. Or, to find out how to attain an appropriate pre-requisite qualification.

Team leaders engaged with Lauriate Coaching & Development programmes are encouraged to attain certifications to support team focused selection, coaching & development.

Virtual and Face-toFace training available for purchase in our shop