Creating resilient, highly effective teams in times of crisis and uncertainty

Taking a design led approach to creating success with teams has many potential benefits, from providing a psychologically safe working environment through to delivering performance goals in ways that build, improve, and sustain mental health and wellbeing. Through good design, teams can improve their performance by leveraging their capability as an effective unit as well as developing the resilience needed to absorb or even be strengthened by ‘future shocks’.

Whether you are seeking to transform a single team or a whole organisation, this session will provide you with a framework and evidence-based approach underpinned by psychological research as well as showing you how validated reliable tools can be used to support team success.

Designed to prepare you and the teams you work with to embrace the changes to our working environments and culture leaders. Join us and learn how to conduce a ‘health check’ for your team as well as how to create the key conditions for successful co-located, hybrid & virtual teams in your business!

This event is for leaders of all types of teams in micro, small, medium & large organisations. The holding frame is Integrative Systemic Team Coaching & Development and we will present real cases that integrate the 6 Team Conditions, the Team Diagnostic Survey, Sociomapping & personality assessment in support of creating effective teams.

Saturday December 4th at 11:00 to 12:30 AEDT (UTC+11)